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An in depth look into psychedelic sounds, garage rock, strange electronica…. and the dynamic culture that accompanies these movements. A label is merely a general category until the listener dives into the experience of a record and relates it to their own world. I take pleasure in unveiling the layers, textures, sights, lessons, and depth of meaning that said music has shown to me.

Journalistic integrity is of the utmost importance here…..as I intend to engage with music not only as a listener but as a loving and proud member of an international community. This is our home. Many media outlets refrain from exploring the true phenomena occurring in our ever-expanding psych world, assigning arbitrary numbers and cliche phrases to music that is meant to be breathed, felt, and lived. This is not to say I don’t have my own criticisms and personal favorites….but I feel privileged to engage with the visions of these artists.

Featuring show and festival reviews, new releases, upcoming talent, record revisits, special features and interviews. Have an editorial piece, tip-off, review, photograph or video you would like to contribute? Send me a message! I am always looking for people to collaborate with.

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