SXSW 2016 Preview Extravaganza: New Obsessions

By Elysandra Cruz

In the final installment of this year’s SXSW sneak peek trifecta (check out the Established Favorites and Underground Love), I bring you my most recent discoveries. While none of these acts are exactly “brand-spanking new”, they all have released fresh material within the past year and are currently touring or playing other festivals soon. Dig in, and stay tuned for highlights of the upcoming SXSW showcases.

Blanck Mass


In the same way that Black Moth Super Rainbow transforms contemporary tech clamor into digitally inspired bliss voyages, Bristol, UK based Benjamin John Power of Fuck Buttons has found balance in his solo project, Blanck Mass. Riding the edge of hypnotic and jarring, “Dead Format” off of his latest release Dead Flesh sees an audio sample that could  be best described as Siri speaking in tongues. According to the SXSW site, his set is scheduled for the Levitation Showcase. He will continue to tour in the U.S. before heading to Europe this spring.

Moving Panoramas


Having seen the Austin-based trio only a few weeks back during Free Week, you can be sure that all the lovers in the crowd will be ever-so passionately entwined after these sweet escapes. Or, if you are single like me, you can imagine you are rolling around in a field of daisies in a Sofia Coppola movie set in springtime Paris. Either way, Moving Panoramas will tenderly transport you to a land of sunset drives with their lush guitar driven melodies. The group is set to play ELEVEN shows during South By, so you will have plenty of opportunities to see them! They will also be heading out for a massive U.S. tour this spring.

The Yawpers


After being signed by Bloodshot Records at last year’s SXSW, the delightfully brash and fevered bandits are making their way back to Austin. The Yawpers will scratch an itch for those longing for the subversive lyrical content of Americana, the electric energy of dirty south rocknroll, and punk unpredictability. Plus, their namesake comes from a Walt Whitman poem, furthering their badassery. Make sure you RSVP to see the Denver boys next week.



There’s something innately enticing about Florence, Italy based threesome Go!Zilla. The group has toured Europe and the U.S. extensively, bringing a sound that inhabits the fuzz punk realm. There’s an pervading quirkiness that will pierce your ears……is it the accented vocal delivery? The sneak attacks of grungy eastern inspired riffing? Stop by the Onward, SPAGE AGE Lolipop , Ballast Point, or Sahara Lounge showcases to find out!

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