VIDEO PREMIERE: Ladycop’s Ultra Goddess Party in “Femme”

Photo credit: Alexander Doane

If you’ve ever dreamed of being serenaded by a trio of shimmering goddess’ at your next girl power neo-pagan dance-off, I invite you to prance with me to the world of Ladycop. “Femme”, the first single off of the Bloomington, Indiana group’s upcoming LP, showcases the elegant but powerful vocals of trio Chelsea Sherman, Kenzie Main, and Biz Strother. Complemented by bluesy, tenacious instrumentals that still depart to explore the twilight, the song is a refreshing celebration of life lived through rose colored lenses.

Judging by the flawless harmonies off of last year’s Singles EP (which exclusively features the pipes of composer/keyboardist Chelsea) and the production genius of Alex Arnold (who I recently wrote about with !mindparade) , Ladycop is set to take a place in the new tide of mind-bending sounds that mystify the heart as well as the mind. For more information about the upcoming release and shows, visit Ladycop’s Facebook and Official Site.



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