The Madcaps are Ready To Make You Sweat With “Hot Sauce”

For all of you idle hip-shakers aching for the fire in your bones, 4-piece The Madcaps out of Rennes, France have your fix with their second album Hot Sauce. With nods to garage rock’s R&B roots, all the cheeky energy of The Kinks, and a penchant for the irresistible taco, how could one not help themselves to more than a dash?



The Madcaps are: Thomas Dahyot – Guitar/Vocals, Vincent Henri – Guitar, Remi Peltier – Drums, Bastien Bruneau – Bass

Recorded at Kerwax studios (the former home of an all-girls boarding school) in Northern France, Hot Sauce is an eruption of youthful tales. Opening with the slick and spunky “Something You Got”, singer Thomas Dahyot razzes a lover singing “You say you’ve got something I don’t have…..I really wanna know what it is and what it’s for”. The lovable restlessness of The Hives is recalled on “Too Big for Your Boots”, propelling the momentum for the remainder if the album. The  video for the first single,”Taco Truck” documents an epic showdown for the prized culinary delight, complete with a tequila drinkoff and a mariachi band.

Sounding much like the original Madcap Syd Barrett on “Rainy Day”,  this tune showcases the group’s live recording method, complete with triumphant horns and retro pop vocal harmonies. Of the album’s process, the group shared, “We played the 12 songs relentlessly on tour for 6 months, then went to record them live, all together in one room, and you can actually feel the room as each instrument bleeds into the other microphones…the album sounds more like us on stage than anything else we’ve ever recorded so far”. The band’s fusion of rockabilly and English beat is complemented by a sprinkling of organs, mellotron, and piano across the LP.

Available for purchase on Howlin Banana and soon on Burger RecordsHot Sauce accomplishes it’s goal: packing that extra flame in a small dose to get you jumping out of your seat and gyrating like a greaser kid gone mad. European fans can catch The Madcaps on their French tour this February.


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