Ultimate List of International Psychedelic/Psych Friendly Music Festivals

EDIT: The most updated version of the list (including dates) is over at the Fuzz Club Records Blog: Ultimate List of Global Psych Fests


There has never been a better time to be a psychedelic music lover…..okay being around to see “Hungry Freaks, Daddy” live would have been sweet. The elastic genre has had ample time to evolve from it’s beginnings over 50 years ago. A medley of influences including shoegaze, electronic, noise, world music, punk, goth, folk, rave, dance, pop, and more continue to prove that there are few boundaries for the future.

Often I have felt alone in my undying adoration of all things psych related. However, after doing some research and discovering just how strong the movement is internationally, I am very comforted and pleased. Fellow freaks unite!

Below I have compiled a list of psychedelic music festivals, and mixed festivals /mini-fests that heavily feature psych, around the globe. It is important to note that while I occasionally enjoy the various sub-genres and relatives of psychedelic music like Psy Trance, Prog/Jam bands, Stoner/Sludge Metal, this list is meant to serve more as a general psychedelic rock database. In their own right, all three of those categories could have their own very lengthy festival list. Perhaps that is something I will compile in the future.

Also, there are a few cities, like Tokyo and Sydney, that appeared to have psych fests in the recent past, but I have opted not to include those without a 2015 festival or an announcement for a 2016 festival. If I have forgotten any, or if you would like your festival to be added to the database,  please comment below! I will be keeping this list under a database page on the main menu for future reference. Happy fest going lovers!



Geel – Yellowstock Festival


Montréal – Montreal Psych Fest

Toronto – Night Owl Fest

Vancouver – Levitation Vancouver


Santiago – En Orbita


Aarhus – Aarhus Psych Fest

Copenhagen – Copenhagen Psych Fest


Angers – Levitation France

Paris – Paris International Festival of Psychedelic Music


Dublin – Reverberation Weekend


Isola Vicentina – Il Faro Psych Fest

Lessinia – Lessinia Psych Fest


Eindhoven – Eindhoven Psych Lab


Oslo – Oslo Psych Fest


Évora – Black Bass

Lisbon – Lisbon Psych Fest

Valada – Reverence Valada


Malmö – Malmo Psych Fest


Yverdon-les-Bains- Swiss Psych Fest


Lewes – Lewes Psych Fest

Liverpool – Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia

London – Fuzz Club Festival

London – Northern Star Celebrates 10 Years of Psychedelia

London – The Psychedelia Smithsonian (monthly reoccurring event)

Manchester – Cosmosis Festival

Manchester – Manchester Psych Fest

United States

Los Angeles, CA – LA Psych Fest

Mecca, CA – Desert Daze

Oakland, CA – Oakland Echo

Pioneertown, CA – Desert Stars Festival

Pomona, CA – Moon Block Party

San Francisco – Gathering of the Tribes Fest

Santa Ana, CA – Indigo Music Festival

Santa Ana, CA – Beach Goth

Santa Ana, CA – Burgerama

Santa Ana, CA – Santa Ana Psych Fest

Denver, CO – Synesthesia

Chicago, IL – Chicago Psych Fest

Wichita, KS – Wichita Psych Fest

Louisville, KY – Louisville Psych Fest

Boston, MA – Boston Fuzztival

Kansas City, MO – KC Psych Fest

Portland, OR – Summer Daze (Portland Psych Fest)

Austin, TX – Levitation Austin (Formerly Austin Psych Fest)

Seattle, WA – Hypnotikon

Seattle, WA – Northwest Psych Fest

Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee Psych Fest



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