Fat White Family and Sean Lennon Team Up For Moonlandingz

A collaborative project has emerged between Sean Lennon, model/musician girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl, Lias Saoudi and Saul Adamczewski of Fat White Family and London experimentalists The Eccentronic Research Council. The group goes by The Moonlandingz, and released their first EP October 30 titled Expanded. “The whole thing was born basically out of this fictional fantasy”, producer Lennon explained in an interview with Rolling Stone. Earlier this year, the concept album Johnny Rocket Narcissist & Music Machine… I’m Your Biggest Fan was released from The ERC. It weaves the fictional tale of a delusional fangirl obsessed with a band called The Moonlandingz. The band ended up coming to life, and the video for the first single from the album, “Sweet Saturn Mine (Sean Lennon De-Mix), is directed by Muhl. It shows the “imaginary” group performing in front of a pentagram while front-man Saoudi sings “I Don’t Feel Alright”, in a voice reminiscent of Cake’s John McCrea.

For a group that may or may not just be a fun gag, the song is pretty sick….a dark, syrupy psych-synth confection that fans of The Black Angels could appreciate. It seems that this may be developing into a concrete project, with Lennon tweeting  today from the studio about recording their full length LP, one track even featuring his mother Yoko Ono.

Fat White Family have announced that their second albumSongs For Our Mothers, will be released Jan. 22. Sean Lennon is credited as co-producer on the song “Satisfied”. The raunchy London freak rockers will be touring EU/UK this fall.

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