Delta Spirit Frontman Matthew Vasquez Makes Solo Debut

Matthew Logan Vasquez, singer and guitarist of soulful Americana stompers Delta Spirit, will release his first solo effort on November 3. Perhaps inspired by his recent return to the city, The Austin Ep features ” ….a stunning psych-folk-rock opener, a ballsy 18-minute track (yes EIGHTEEN minutes) that conjures desert visions of Crazy Horse guitar solos, David Crosby’s mustache, and all the good things about a journey through the past on mescaline” (via producer Jesse Lauter). Vasquez plays all the instruments on the EP, and has shared “Everything I Do Is Out” as the lead single. Howling “Do you relate to the killer in me?”, the songwriter will appeal to garage and indie fans alike with his raw delivery and defiant demeanor.

The EP serves as a preview to his full length album, Solicitor Returns, coming out sometime early 2016. Delta Spirit makes an appearance next month at Outpost Fest (which they helped to curate), headlined by Cold War Kids. Matthew Vasquez also will begin his month long California residency in November. The vinyl EP is available for pre-order, as well as a flashdrive mixtape (not all are the same!) which includes the EP and  “a collection of music that I have no plans releasing anywhere else” according to the artist.

I have been a big fan of Delta Spirit for a few years, and I am totally digging the new song off of the EP. I hope he decides to do a full US tour this spring. How do you feel about the track? Comment below!

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