Spinning Top Music News on Tame Impala, Gum, Nick Allbrook and more

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If you are a fan of psychedelic kingpins Tame Impala (AKA a trip through mastermind Kevin Parker’s brain), you may be familiar with their label Spinning Top Music. You could say that Perth, Australia is the trip-rock capital of sorts at the moment. Not only is it home to Tame Impala, but various other projects including the works of band members Jay “GUM” Watson (currently on keyboard), Cam Avery (currently on bass) Nick Allbrook (former member of TI), and POND (group featuring an ever-evolving lineup of Spinning Top artists). This week, there are a few interesting things happening down under.


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tame impala

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First off a few quick Tame Impala updates. Continuing to tour the world after this years wildly successful album release Currents, Kevin Parker and company hit up all 4 South American installments of Lollapalooza 2016, which includes Bogota, Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires, and Santiago.


Image via Lollapalooza

If you are a super Tame Impala nerd such as myself, you will appreciate the new clothing additions to the band’s merch site. There’s a t-shirt with the pinball-looking metallic sphere on it from the Currents artwork. Don’t you get it…..it’s like they are saying you ARE the current affecting the other currents around you so we’re really just one big current man!!!! Ok I’m done.


Photo by Matt Sav

Next, I was extremely pleased to learn that GUM’s next record, Glamorous Damage will be released on November 13. The highly anticipated follow up to last year’s Delorean Highway promises the same sticky, spacey dream-pop as it’s predecessor on the lead single “Anesthetized Lesson”. I really hope this go around GUM will release some music videos, as there were no visual accompaniments to Delorean Highway. If you are a lucky bastard living in Melbourne, AUS, you can see GUM perform live opening for Mini Mansions at Ding Dong Lounge Nov. 8th.

Nicholas Allbrook, member of both POND and Allbrook/Avery, released Walrus last week in AUS and NZ. There is no official EU/US release date as of yet but according to Spinning Top, “For everyone in the rest of the world, it’s coming as soon as possible.” Tame Impala drummer Julien Barbagallo plays on the album, and Mr. Kevin Parker worked behind the scenes in the mixing room. I mentioned GUM. Nick Allbrook and POND in my Levitiation Festival Dream Lineup post last week. Here is “Blanket 3072” from the album, I really hope I can see any/all of the Spinning Top family live asap.


French Tame Impala stix-man Julien Barbagallo surprised fans with this sweet poppy number today! Tell me what you think in the comments.

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